Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 08:29 am
A little while ago I ordered some books from Amazon, and they happily arrived here yesterday.

(I'd be taking actual pictures of these books instead of just posting links if I could find my freaking camera again. Seriously, that thing gets lost more than my house keys do!)

Tanight Lee's Biting the Sun is a compilation of two of her earlier novels, and I was so excited to get my hands on this because I haven't read it in over a decade now, and I remember loving it to death in high school. L J Smith's Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valor are part of the same series involving magic and Celtic mythology in modern times, and I've only ever read the second book but not the first.

These books, along with a gift for my roommate, cost me all of $4.63, since I'm a member of Swagbucks and I exchange all of my points for Amazon gift certificates. I wait until I save up enough to get free shipping ($40 or more in a single order), and then away I go. It may take me half a year to save up that many points, but given that it's all free and more than I would have had otherwise, I'm not complaining.

The downside is that I still have a bunch of review copies of books to read first, since I feel somewhat obligated to read them before I read books that I spent my own money on. The LJ Smith books I might make an exception with, since they're going to be fairly quick reads, but otherwise I'm going to try to focus on those review copies for a while.

NetGalley has been both good and bad for me in that respect! (I'm not even going to list the books I got through NetGalley this week. Perhaps next week, though, since I don't expect any more hard copies of books to arrive for a good long time.)


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