Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 02:36 pm
My landlord and a building tax inspector sprung a surprise visit on me today (by "surprise", I mean gave me the legal 24 hours of notice), which resulted in me spending the last two days cleaning the apartment like a mad fiend. I ache like crazy right now, but the bibliophile in me is very pleased at the uncovering of plenty of books that I'd forgotten I even owned.

I have now at least 20 more books to read than I did on Sunday, all of them having been here for at least a year but having been buried under piles of other things, or just put by the wayside and forgotten. Plenty of stand-alone novels, too, by authors I haven't read before, which will be good for the New Author challenge I'm running behind on.

So even if I didn't exactly have fun these past two days, even if I'm tired and sore and didn't get to do any reading at the time, I now know I have plenty more to keep me amused in the near future, and I'm looking forward to going through that newly-discovered pile of literary goodness!