January 1st, 2010

tea_and_tomes: (Default)
Friday, January 1st, 2010 05:21 pm
I wonder sometimes why there have to be so many interesting books at my fingertips. Honestly, to get through my reading backlog will probably take me years, and that's assuming that I don't get slack and just reread a few old books for old time's sake. There are over 100 books on my bookshelf that need reading, and I don't even want to think of how many are at the library that are just begging me to open them up and absorb what they have to tell me.

Sometimes I wish I could stay unemployed but still have steady income coming in from somewhere, enough to get me by, simply so that I can spend my days reading enjoyably.

Right now, I've come across a copy of Good Book, by David Plotz, which is calling to me. But I still need to finish Changing the World, and Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales. Neither of those books will take long for me to finish, admittedly, but I want to start this new one so badly that I'm almost tempted to have another "book per room" thing going on, breaking up my reading according to which room of the apartment I'm in at the time.

But while that way leads to more books being read at a time, it also leads to them being read slower. I've done this in the past, and I actually get less read this way. The books take longer to read, and while I may finish a few within days of each other, if I total them up it ends up being fewer books than if I'd just read one straight through.

Maybe I should do more in-debt reviews of books. Maybe then people will pay me to review their books, and I can actually make my living by reading.

Yes, and while I'm dreaming, I'd also like a pony. No, make that a Companion. I'm still on a Mercedes Lackey kick, after all. A Companion would be so much better than a pony.

Maybe it's a good thing that I can't visit the library as often as I'd like. If it were up to me, I'd spend just about every day there! But getting there, especially in the winter, is such a pain that I limit trips. At least by limiting my visits there I can't talk myself into getting out just one more interesting book, oh, well, maybe two more interesting books... You see the problem?

But talking about a thing never accomplished it. I'll go back to my books now, and perhaps put on another cup of tea. The temperature's dropping, and we're supposed to get a lot of snow and very high winds over the weekend, so anything warm is welcome right now.